Cookie Lover Mix + Match Copycat Recipes Cookbook (Cookie Lover Book 1) (Physical Copy)

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Cookie obsessed + not mad about it? Me neither. 😉 This recipe book is for YOU! Make yourself cookies like a PRO!

Included in this soft cover cookbook are the recipes needed to make 32 different gourmet cookies. All cookies begin with one of four basic base recipes and then you’ll learn how to customize it to make one of a kind cookies. You can even make 4 different kinds of cookies out of one batch of base dough!

Because of the Thanksgiving Holiday, all books purchased between 11/22/23 and 11/26/23 will ship on 11/27/23.

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52 reviews for Cookie Lover Mix + Match Copycat Recipes Cookbook (Cookie Lover Book 1) (Physical Copy)

  1. Jackie Wilson (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to get my cookbook! Im so excoted:) Thank you Karli for all your hard work every week we appreciate YOU!

  2. Kelly Roja (verified owner)

    Love this collection of fun and special cookies. We have made several of the cookies from Karli’s book and loved them all. The way the book is walks you through the recipe is great too. It allows you to make different types of cookies with the same base. They turn our more like works of art. I have never attempted making some many cookies at once. We look forward to exploring the book even more. Enjoy the time spent with family too. The kids love the final product and brag about the cookies they have helped make.

  3. Caitlin Zook

    My children and I choose one of Karli’s copycat cookie recipes a week to make. We have had so much fun trying all the different cookie flavors. Naturally, I put the Cookie Lover book on my Christmas list. I cannot wait to start making these cookies with my kiddos. Thanks Karli!

  4. Sharlie (verified owner)

    Minor thing, I wish the recipes were arranged so you didn’t have to flip back and forth between pages.

    But the cookies themselves are amazing, as always from Karli!

  5. Emily Thompson (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to make some of these for neighbor Christmas gifts this year!!!!

  6. Donna Garrett (verified owner)

    Great book! We’ve already made the Sugar cookies and the Churro cookies. Oh my goodness! These are wonderful! My college age Grandson absolutely loved the sugar cookies and in my opinion the Churro cookies are to die for! (Which according to my Diabetes doctor could be a possibility, but for these cookies,I’ll take the chance!) Thank you Karli, you knocked It out of the park!

  7. Jennifer Gould

    I have been recreating Kari’s creations for awhile now and am very excited to have this hand held little gem of recipes all in one place! Just in time for the holidays! I’ve been super happy with all the recipes so far!! Highly recommend.

  8. Erick (verified owner)

    I ordered it and can’t wait for it to arrive your recipes are amazing Karli thank you for them!!!

  9. Heather Palmer

    Karli has the best recipes! This book is amazing and so is she!

  10. Katie S. (verified owner)

    We love making Karli’s copycat recipes! This book is the PERFECT cookbook to give as a gift because her cookies are the BEST.

  11. Heather Ogden

    Love it!! Can’t wait to make them all!!!

  12. Ann T (verified owner)

    KARLI! I received my cookbook and made the Pecan Pie Cookies for Thanksgiving. They are delicious and everybody loves them. I can’t wait to eat my way through the entire cookbook! I love the way you have put the book together showing how to make multiple cookie flavors out of one batch of dough.

  13. Chelsey Reese

    My friend bought your book for me for Christmas and Ive already been using it and LOVE IT!! So easy to make different cookies from one base and they are always the most raved about cookies!

  14. Guadalupe Geyer (verified owner)

    I was super excited to get this recipe book, DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I love to bake for the family and the ultimate dessert is cookies. Super excited for this and any other books to come.

  15. Heather

    Love it!! Can’t wait to make them all!

  16. Sam (verified owner)

    Been following along for a while, and when the cook book came out I was so excited.
    Received my book and was so impressed with all that was in there. We have already made 4 cookies out of the book and love it so so much!!
    Thank you for creating this book. My kids and I love to bake from it! Everyday I’m asked “which cookie can we bake today?!”

  17. Eileen Stanley (verified owner)

    I love how organized this cookbook is so I can make multiple types of cookies with less effort. Karli’s recipes are the best!

  18. Rashelle (verified owner)

    I have used Karli’s copycat recipes before and loved them! I got my cookies lover cookbook and can’t wait to use it! Great job Karli!

  19. Heather Fisher (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Karli for quite some time and I am so glad she put out a book! These recipes look so delicious I can’t wait to try all off them! Hope to have another book released in the future!

  20. Susan Hernandez (verified owner)

    I am so excited to get this book I can’t hardly wait. All the recipes you have posted are great so the book is going to be my “cookie bible”!

  21. Carla (verified owner)

    I had never heard of Crumbl Cookies until Karli started making copycat recipes. I have made so many of her cookie recipes before that I have shared with family and friends. Even one of my daughter’s friends thought I had my own bakery. The recipes are that amazing! Karli’s recipes are so easy to follow. I like how she breaks out instructions for large or small cookies and the quarter batch reference sheets are wonderful! This cookie cookbook is a must for any cookie baker!!

  22. Zofia

    This is the ONLY cookie cook book you need to fill all your cookie needs! I seriously only use Karli’s cookie recipes. I am beyond excited to have a physical copy of this book. Karli is beyond talented, and I am so grateful she shares her talent and creativity with us! Thank you Karli for this book! 🍪📖

  23. Niki Jackson

    I love how your book is made for us to make a whole batch or multiple batches of different cookies! I love that I don’t have to do the math because it’s already done for me! Can’t wait to put this to use this Christmas for neighbor gifts!

  24. Anthony (verified owner)

    I’m super excited to start using this cookbook when I get it. I love the videos you do and the cookies look terrific. Thank you Thank you Thank you for putting this together.

  25. Emily (verified owner)

    I love making the crumbl copycat recipes from Karli! Whenever I make them people rave about them. I’m glad she made a cookbook so they are all in one convenient place. I just received it today and I actually ordered one today for my mom because I’m getting her hooked now too lol.

  26. Ellie Bolen (verified owner)

    Just purchased your cookbook.
    Made your cheesecake raspberry swirl cookies, what a phenomenal recipe thank you so much they are a big hit

  27. BriAna Whitney

    I love making these cookie recipes! My daughters and I make cookies together and they get so excited when I tell them it’s time to make cookies. But my favorite part is being able to make 4 different cookies with one batch! Also love the other cookies on your website!

  28. Karen Holtz (verified owner)

    My favorite Cookie Blogger! My daughter and I love watching your reviews each week on the Crumbl Cookies. It is always exciting to see what you think and what you create next. The first Cookie I made of yours was the Cookie Dough one, and let me tell you I was hooked. Once I got the email about your new book, I had to get it. Look forward to making memories with my daughter using your recipes.

  29. Lindsey Goncalves (verified owner)

    I CAN NOT wait to receive my new cookie cookbook. My kiddos and I are dreaming of all the wonderful Holiday goodies we will make when our book arrives! Thank you for all of your amazing recipes and for helping our Crumbl addiction. 😉

  30. Arlene Price (verified owner)

    I received this book today and it’s amazing. I love having these recipes all in one place. I’ve made a few of her copycat recipes from her online presence and they all were delicious. I actually think I will make every in this book. Great job, Karli!

  31. Emily (verified owner)

    I love everything by Cooking With Karli and couldn’t wait to order this book. I bought it as a gift since I can’t have gluten or egg, but after messaging Karli, she gave me some tips on how to make her cookies GF and egg free and now I can’t wait to try these recipes for myself!!! Thank you, Karli, for all the work you put into this book!!

  32. Julie Steiner (verified owner)

    Love it! Everything I have made from Karli has turned out perfect, so I am excited to try a new recipe from the book. I don’t even like baking, but she makes it possible.

  33. Heidi

    I actually bought the ebook right when it came out. I was so excited to have all the recipes in one place!! I have made several recipes and they are amazing and so easy to make. I love watching the you tube videos as well- I never miss one. A few weeks later a hard copy came out- I was bummed (I would rather have a hard copy then an ebook) but I can’t afford to buy another one. If your on the fence about buying it- do it….. You will love it!!

  34. Aubrey Shepherd (verified owner)

    Stumbled upon Karli on Instagram and I’m so glad I did🤩 bought this cookbook as a gift for my crumbl-loving mother & she absolutely loves it! Recipes are so easy and taste SO good. Worth every penny.

  35. Lori Vielhauer (verified owner)

    I am so excited to bake all of the cookies in this cookbook! I ordered one for myself “from my husband” as a gift. Can’t wait to open it on Christmas!!

  36. Lydia Buhanan (verified owner)

    Knock off cookies that taste better than the real thing!! 🤤

  37. Susie (verified owner)

    Bought for my teen daughter who is crumbly obsessed! She loves it!

  38. Rosie

    I received this book as a present and I love love LOVE the versatility of all of the recipes! Such a fun and creative take on baking – and not to mention delicious!!

  39. Yanka Boyadzhieva (verified owner)

    I am not going to lie
    I have both books and i love them so much.
    All the cookies are the best cookies ever.
    Even my daughter boyfriend family are excited when i bake them cookies.
    I am so thankful Karli i found you.❤️🍪

  40. Andrea C (verified owner)

    My sisters and I all love to bake cookies. I bought this book for us for Mother’s Day as a gift to each of them. One of our favorite things about this recipe book is the different variations you can use with each dough and frosting. This makes it fun for the kids to get 4 cookies from 1 type of dough. Definitely would recommend this book to friends and family!

  41. Karen (verified owner)

    Using this cookbook is my kids + my favorite way to make cookies now! It’s so fun to make a batch and have so many varieties to eat when they are done 😋 all the recipes we’ve tried have turned out SO good!! Thanks, Karli!!

  42. Maureen Ottesen

    Received this as a gift and I was thrilled! Rave reviews for the book because I always receive rave reviews when I bake and share the cookies I make. The book is small but packed with SO MUCH INFORMATION! The possibilities are exciting to think about.
    This would make a great gift for the bakers in your life.

  43. Wendy (verified owner)

    Every time I make one of Karli’s recipes they are a home run. My family absolutely loves them!!

  44. Lindsey CR (verified owner)

    Love that this book allows you to be creative, never had the recipes go wrong

  45. Lisa Trebesch (verified owner)

    I stumbled by finding Cooking with Karli on whim and I am so glad that I did as I am the owner of both her books.
    It is so nice to finally have a recipe to follow to try and create these cookies. Plus, the pictures are so beyond helpful and hey who doesn’t love pictures!
    Honestly, think the knockoff cookies are way better….🤫🙂

  46. Linda Smith (verified owner)

    The best cookies and very easy recipes! I have always been a baker and everyone requests my cookies for parties/events. I saw one of Karli’s recipes on Instagram and decided to try it. Well let’s just say they were the best cookies I have ever made! I decided to order both books since I found myself baking more and more of her recipes. Thanks for the incredible recipes Karli!

  47. Debbie J (verified owner)

    Love this cookie cookbook! My 11 year old has made so many delicious perfect cookies because of the ease and detailed instructions in this book!

  48. Bridgette Neil

    I use this cookbook all the time! Has awesome recipes! Really good if you like to mix and match and create your own cookies! It’s a lot of fun to use. I’m so grateful my husband got it for me for my birthday! Though, I hinted pretty hard!

  49. Laurie Miller

    I love this cookbook! Karli is so talented

  50. Christine Sundberg (verified owner)

    Beware! We’ve made so many different recipes and every cookie is absolutely delicious. We don’t have a crumbl by us so when we finally visited a store, we were disappointed. The cookies we baked at home were 1000 times better!

  51. Anna (verified owner)

    I have made a few cookie from the Cookie Lover Book and they are hands down the BEST! My kids and neighbors love when I bake these cookie because they’re just so darn good.
    Thank you, Karli!

  52. Marilyn

    Such a good book!

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